Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is news?

Hold the front page! "BNP to print Muslim cartoon leaflets", reports Reuters, oddly enough datelined Wednesday but only appearing on the Google news site today.

The story is picked up breathlessly by the BBC website, which repeats verbatim the Reuter's story, citing a "party spokesman" who said they had printed the cartoons to provoke debate. "We published the cartoon not to offend individual Muslims - that's most important - but to make a stand for freedom," he said.

There is a ritual condemnation from the loathsome Ian McCartney, Labour Party chairman, who condemns the leaflets as "straight out of the Nazi textbook". But then, he would know all about that.

Anyhow, so much for news. The leaflet appeared on the BNP website on 17 February, a good five days before Reuters picked up the story, and it was reproduced on this blog the same day.

Nice to see the MSM is on the ball.


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