Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Make love not war!

Having opted out of the "Cartoon Wars", the EU Commission has decided instead to make babies.

That, at least, reports EU Politix is the plan of EU social affairs commissioner Vladimir Spidla, who wants to bolster Europe’s low birth rate by introducing measures to make it easier for women to have more children.

And with romance in mind, Spidla, a father of two, aims in March deliver a "concrete working programme" to increase the birth rate. But, if a "concrete working programme" is Spidla’s idea of romance, one wonders how he has managed to father any children at all.

Perhaps he should employ Nigel Farage as a consultant. Forum members might even feel inclined to help by submitting some slogans to help the Commission on its way… although the first person to offer the most obvious one.. along the lines of "Let's dig for Europe"... gets banned.


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