Friday, February 10, 2006

New cartoons inflame community

Community leaders gathered today to protest at the "insulting" cartoons published by a European organisation, showing caricatures of citizens clothed in highly offensive symbols.

Said Nigel al Faragi of the Biggin Hill branch of the Eurosceptic faith, "I have been hurt, grieved and I am angry." He added: "These cartoons could easily be taken as representing our own community members, wearing symbols that depict a concept totally contrary to our deepest-held beliefs. The Eurosceptic community is mortified at being portrayed in such an insulting way."

He was joined by Rogi el Knappmaneri who called the cartoons "an insult" and an "abuse of freedom of speech", pointing out that one of the cartoons even depicted his members as "cripples". He said his members felt "humiliated" and demanded that the offensive material was withdrawn immediately. He would be calling for an immediate apology from the perpetrators of this "hate crime", and the beheading of the cartoonist.

Senhor José Manuel Borroso, whose organisation had commissioned the cartoons, was not available for comment.


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