Friday, April 07, 2006

Spot the difference

Saracen armoured personnel carrierUKIP, according to the BBC has said it would also be parking a "Saracen armoured car" outside the Conservative spring conference in Manchester on Saturday, in a publicity stunt designed to show "that UKIP's tanks are firmly parked on David Cameron's lawn".

Leaving aside the singular fact that a Saracen (pictured above) is not a tank, one wonders if the UKIP spokesman realises that a Saracen is not an armoured car either – it is an armoured personnel carrier.

Saladin armoured carFor those of you who might think the difference is somewhat academic, the actual armoured car of the series is the Saladin (pictured right). The difference is, in fact, rather obvious and, if UKIP cannot tell them apart, then no wonder the party is not able to engender much in the way of credibility.


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