Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Euless in Texas - the spritual home of EUReferendumFollowing on from the shambles of the .eu domain registration saga, we have received the following e-mail from our own registrar:

Dear Customer,

This e-mail concerns your recent application for the domain name:


Unfortunately, we have been unable to register this domain for you.

This is most likely to have been caused by incorrect availability information being passed to us by EURid - the official EU registry. The massive rush of registrations caused EURid's systems to be regularly unavailable.

The other possibility is that another customer successfully registered the domain between your provisional search and completion of the order (over 700,000 .eu domains were registered on Friday alone).

Yours sincerely.
Having checked "whois", it now seems that a Dutch company claims to have ownership of the domain, but since that same company claims also to own eureferendum.com – which we currently own – we take this with a pinch of salt. We will not, therefore, be shelling out our hard-earned readies.

On balance, we feel it is preferable to remain EU-less.


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