Monday, March 20, 2006

Chris Tame RIP

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Some of our readers would have known that Chris Tame, the founder and first President of the British Libertarian Alliance and a stalwart supporter of the eurosceptic cause has been very ill.

For some months he has been battling a rare and fast-spreading bone cancer. A few days ago we were all told that there was very little time left and today the news came that Chris died this afternoon in a London clinic.

I understand that the end was peaceful (if anything about Chris can be said to be peaceful). He was surrounded by friends, one only a few months old, the daughter of his great friends who looked after him all this time.

Those of us who knew Chris will miss him enormously – his pugnaciousness, his strength of opinion, his tremendous joie de vie. Others would have heard him speak or read his essays. Much of his work will still be with us and he was very glad to know that this was so. (I know people always say this but it happens to be true.)

There is nothing else I can say: Chris Tame 20.12.1949 - 20.03.2006. He will live in the memory of his many friends.


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