Tuesday, March 07, 2006

All change at the Telegraph

There is much rejoicing in the ranks at the news that Sunday Telegraph editor Sarah Sands has been dismissed.

Famous for her aspirations to make the paper "intelligent and elegant", she achieved neither. The first edition under her control, in November, was graced with a picture of Kate Moss, coke-snorting supermodel, in exotic lingerie.

The paper went downhill from there, suffering a dramatic collapse of readership in December, of over 50,000. It is rumoured that figures due out shortly show the collapse has continued which, it is believed, triggered Mz Sands' rapid exit.

She is replaced by Patience Wheatcroft, currently City and Business Editor at The Times, a post she had held since 1997. Also, Eurosceptic and scourge of big government, Scotland on Sunday Editor Iain Martin, is leaving that paper to join the Daily Telegraph.

With a bit of luck, we may be seeing a return to grown-up journalism in both newspapers.


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