Sunday, March 09, 2008

What is this man smoking?

Former EU commission official and MEP, Nick Clegg – currently leader of the Lib-Dims – has told his conference that he wants "a new type of government".

He then adds: "No wonder people are tired of politics. Tired of a system that swings like a pendulum between two establishment parties. Tired of the same old politicians, the same old fake choices, the same old feeling that nothing ever changes… ", then declaring: "If we want a political system that works for the future, we need to start again, from scratch."

This man cannot be that stupid – he really cannot. It is not possible.

Mr Clegg already has a "new type of government". It is called the European Union and it will most certainly resolve the problem of "a system that swings like a pendulum between two establishment parties." With his enthusiastic support, we are getting a one-party government, the party of political integration – no problem about "swings" there or, for that matter, "fake choices". We get no choice at all.

If, on the other hand, he means what he says about the "need to start again, from scratch," then a good place to start is to withdraw from the EU. But I guess that is not what he had in mind.


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