Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That Irish referendum

According to the Irish Times the referendum in the one and only EU member state that will be allowed to have a say on the Constitutional Reform Lisbon Treaty, Ireland, will be on June 12. As one has to subscribe to the Irish Times, the story can be read on EUObserver.
Prime Minister Bertie Ahern told parliament on Tuesday (11 March): "The government have more or less signed off on the date. It is really a question about the day of the week.

We are looking at the second week of June."

According to the Irish Times, the date will probably be Thursday, 12 June.
As this blog has pointed out, Bertie Ahern, the possible first President, has already started campaigning, with concentration on the need to combat global warming climate change. Oh for a Canute to show him and his megalomaniac colleagues the sheer stupidity of their comments.

Of course, it does not take too many brains, though more than the average politician and most of our journalists possess, to find out that far from global warming we may well be entering a period of global cooling. At any rate this year and the last two have been considerably colder than the ones before. Yes, yes, I know that's weather and not climate but that did not stop the hysterics about Britain becoming a drought-ridden desert after two moderately dry years.

Back to what matters. Not only do we wish our Irish friends and colleagues well but we intend to do everything in our power to further their cause.

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