Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where it really matters

While various parts of the British blogosphere and clogosphere are getting all worked up about some non-story about possible adultery among journalists who are showing themselves to be ... ahem ... hypocritical, other parts of the world are facing greater problems to do with lack of freedom, specifically lack of freedom of speech.

The ever estimable Sandmonkey reports that Google is up to its tricks again, suppressing information on the internet if it is unhelpful to some tyrannical government or other.
The Fantastic people at google seem to have it for the egyptian opposition to the Mubarak regime. It's not bad enough that they had disabled Wael Abbas' youtube account with all the egyptian police human rights abuses and torture videos (only to have it restored again when the outrage became too big), now they have made the website for Kefaya (the egyptian movement for change), which has been around for 3 years and very active, disappear completely off of their search engine. You can't find it anywhere.
The tale of Wael Abbas and his anti-torture videos were reported last year by the Big Pharaoh, an excellent site when the hard-working writer has time to post. It seems that, for once, Google paid attention to the outrage its actions caused.

Will they restore Kefaya? And will the British blogosphere get its head out of its own fundamentum for long enough to pay attention to some of these stories? Oh never mind, forget I asked.

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