Friday, January 25, 2008

A short hiatus

click here to go to the blogI've taken some time out from writing EU Referendum posts to think about our response to the behaviour of Daniel Hannan who seems to be taking ownership of the information so laboriously gathered for this blog.

I have discusssed the issue with my co-editor and we are agreed that this sort of behaviour is intolerable.

That said, I've taken the opportunity to write a long post on Defence of the Realm, taking into account recent events, on a theme that I have been planning to address for some time.

These posts take a lot of careful research and time, as do many of the EU Ref posts and the strain of running both blogs is now considerable. If we see any more misuse of our material, I am minded to shut this blog down and make it invitation only - or just concentrate on my Defence site. I was not put on this planet to feed the egos of overpaid MEPs.

For the time being though, normal service will be resumed later this morning - maybe.


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