Saturday, June 24, 2006

Week-end reading material

Though my colleague has explained very clearly what our thinking is on the blog in the future (I just go on posting happily or not so happily my thoughts, hoping to annoy as many people as possible), practical considerations make it necessary for us to make short postings as well as long ones.

There are practicalities for us - we cannot always produce long analytical pieces - and for our readers - they do not want to read long boring articles all the time.

So we intend to do more short snappy paragraphs that link with articles or postings on other sites. This will undoubtedly bring about complaints on the forum, but that's just the way it is.

My first link is with an rticle in the Wall Street Journal. Every Saturday a well known writer lists his or her five favourite books in his (her) own subject. This week it is David Pryce-Jones's turn.

Mr Pryce-Jones has many subjects as he has written widely and extensively, fiction and non-fiction. But he is best known as an expert on the Middle East and, inevitably, Islamist terrorism.

His list is then of the five best books on terrorism and why he thinks so. Read the whole piece and, if you can, follow his advice.

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