Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More on CafeBabel

Idly checking through our favourite website, for blog it cannot be called, CafeBabel, I came across an interesting page, which lists the enterprise's partners.

Not a very surprising list but worth pondering over. It is divided into Private Sector Partners, Public Sector Partners, Content Partners and Partners to whom Special Thanks are due. For Partners one must read Funders, so the subject is of some interest.

CafeBabel has an interesting idea of what constitutes the Private Sector, but I expect few of the little boys and girls who work for it have ever been near the private sector and do not expect to do so in their future tranzi-propelled career.

Among others we get European Cultural Foundation, Allianz Cultural Foundation, Foundation of France and Robert Bosch Foundation. Hmmm. Knowing the way cultural foundations work in most countries but particularly in continental Europe, private does not come into it.

Then there is the Public Sector Partners: Regional Council of Ile de France, EC Directorate-General for Education and Culture, Paris City Hall and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (actually listed as the French Minister of Foreign Affairs but I doubt if the Minister coughs up private money).

Then we get the Content Partners, various outlets of the media and our old friend, EurActiv. Special thanks go to: Maison des Initiatives Etudiants, the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation, Anima'fac and Maison de l'Europe Paris.

With friends like that CafeBabel needs no enemies. As the saying goes, heh!


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