Monday, June 19, 2006

Directives Digest

Some time ago we put up a link to a new website, Directives Digest, which was set up by Lord Willoughby de Broke for informational purposes. He has now written a short explanatory note about it:
“I started Directives Digest because I found the web portal to European legislation to be almost impenetrable except to dedicated Euro-anoraks. I think it important that individuals should have easier access to EU legislation that affects their lives and businesses; while this alone will not “empower” them it may encourage them to ask their MPs or prospective MPs some difficult questions.

I would also like to establish Directives Digest as an essential tool for the media - the reliable and accurate short-cut to EU legislation and its often unintended consequences.

My research team and I took the decision early on to point out the shortcomings of much of this legislation and, where appropriate, to supplement our comments with quotes from industry, and sometimes from the legislators themselves, but our site is intended to be factual and informative rather than polemical.

My team of researchers is small but dedicated. We would welcome feedback and suggestions for directives we have not posted yet. Do take some time to browse through the site, and do please email my editor with your contributions.”
We recommend our readers to consult the website regularly as new material is put up on it.


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