Sunday, January 15, 2006

The wanderer returns

Nice to have you back from over the pond, Helen, returning to the warm embrace of "Mother Europe" – or "the Evil Empire", if you prefer. As soon as you've sorted out the cats and overcome your jetlag, we're all gagging to hear about your great adventure in Washington.

Yes, I know the illustration is naff, but what do you expect from Google images? I had to trawl through hundreds of pictures to find that one. You should have seen some of the ones I rejected.

Of course, I could have posted this one (right), but you wouldn't have appreciated the "toy" and my photoshop technique is so poor, you wouldn’t have believed the banner anyway.

So, welcome back. We may only be weeks away from nuclear Armageddon, but who cares? There's blogging in them thar hills.


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