Thursday, October 20, 2005

Who are these men?

This morning, I will be out of play, giving a talk to sixth-formers at a local school on the history of the EU – part of a programme organised by Civitas. If anyone else wants to volunteer, contact me and I'll pass your name on.

Anyhow, as part of my talk, I will be discussing the career of the two individuals pictured here, men I regard as the intellectual "fathers" of the EU. As a change from discussing the Tory leadership (Cameron is going to win today, with Davis a poor second, by the way), I will leave you with a teaser - who are these men?

Leave your answers on the forum. The correct entry, with the most entertaining reason why these men deserve their place in history, gets a free copy of the new edition of The Great Deception, which is out shortly. Mind you, if you know who they are, you've probably read the book already.

Nevertheless, I'll give you one clue: neither man is Jean Monnet so, strictly, Monnet is not the root of all evil.


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