Monday, October 22, 2007

Meanwhile, out there in the big bad world

Words have been exchanged on EUReferendum (not on the forum – those do not count as WORDS) and I can report that the Great Leader is displeased with his humble acolyte (that’s me) probably because she is not ‘umble enough.

Nevertheless, said not very ‘umble acolyte insists on posting about the big wide world out there, which, oddly enough, continues to exist and have its own problems while we all wring our hands and have hysterics about the (Constitutional) (Reform) Lisbon Treaty, just as we did after all the previous treaties. Been there, done that, unlike, I suspect, a very large number of our forum members.

How many, I wonder, of all those people who are having the vapours now sat through the Maastricht debates in Parliament or campaigned actively for a referendum on that rather ghastly treaty?

Anyway, that was not what convinced the Great Leader to let his not so ‘umble acolyte to write what she thinks is of some interest but a threat to have hysterics of her own. Nobody wants that, I am sure.

So, the big bad world. Firstly, ladies and gentlemen, we have Turkey, a country of some importance to Britain, those who fight against terror and the EU. Two problems have agitated that country and its allies: Kurds and Armenians.The two problems are very different as I shall try to analyze in this posting but there is are certain vague parallels. Both groups appear to be eternal victims of their various neighbours.

The rest of this very long posting is on Umbrella 3 but I must warn our readers that it is long. And it is not about the Treaty.

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