Monday, October 29, 2007

I thought only Americans did nasty things

We Europeans are civilized, humane and gentle - just like we have always been in history. We would never think of waging wars, conquering people or mistreating those we do not like.

So goes the litany, which then continues with the words Bush, CIA, rendition in any order you would like. Or as Dirty Harry says from time to time on Libertas: "Redaction, rendition ... let's call the whole thing off".

But hey, what's this in the Spiegel? It seems Greece, that land of ancient civilization and anti-Americanism (I bet Plato couldn't stomach Bush) "may be in blatant violation of human rights norms".

Hmm, well that's one way of putting it. Apparently, coast guards have not just been turning away refugees from rather nasty parts of the world, possibly because they refused to blame the Americans and President Bush personally for their sorry plight, but have been torturing them.

Read the whole piece.


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