Sunday, August 26, 2007

Let the people speak

The Sunday Times leader is calling for a referendum. "So much for Gordon Brown’s promise to devolve power to the citizen," it writes:

When it comes to European Union stitch-ups, it seems, Mr Brown remains the control freak of old. His assertion that a parliamentary vote on the proposed new EU constitution – and it is a constitution, Mr Brown – is all that is necessary, and that a referendum is unnecessary, is classic elite politics. We won't ask the people because they'll tell us what we don't want to hear.
"Mr Brown's already high poll ratings would almost certainly climb even higher if he were to prove himself the champion of democracy and do the right thing: offer us a vote on our own constitution," the paper then adds. "He would show himself to be consistent, tough, forward thinking and, above all, in tune with his own people. What more could a prime minister on the verge of a general election want?"

"So come on," it concludes: "Mr Brown: give us the referendum your party promised."

Good stuff.


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