Sunday, August 19, 2007

The farce goes on

Claudia Rossett has an update on the ongoing oil-for-food cases. In the US, a minor player in the whole scam (except for being the major fund provider for all of the UN) the law is acting:
Oil-for-Food investigations by the Southern District have by now led to:

8 guilty pleas + 2 guilty verdicts + 2 agreements and forfeiture judgments + 9 pending cases

Some of these cases involve private individuals and businesses, some involve UN officials. All of them emanated from a UN relief program that UN officials assured us at the time was one of its most efficient ever, and had been “audited to death.”
One wonders what is happening in other countries where there was a greater involvement of nationals.

Of course we know from our own Lord Malloch-Brown that former SecGen Kofi (father of Kojo and brother of Kobina) Annan is as clean as clean can be.

Ms Rossett has come up with an interesting idea. The UN, she says, loves giving prizes (mostly to their own). Why not have a prize for "the UN program that best lends itself to graft, kickbacks and catering to tyrants. In honor of that mother of all UN relief programs, it could be called the Oil-for-Food Award."

Sounds good. And that reminds me, we are gathering submissions for the Green Helmet Award. Already we are spoilt for choice.

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