Monday, July 10, 2006

The fun continues

In today's business section of the Daily Telegraph, Ruth Lea offers an interesting perspective on the benefits of our continued membership of the European Union. If I could get on the internet long enough to post and analytical piece, I would, but problems in accessing the internet continue.

As it is, I can only stay on long enough to post a "quickie", so all I can say it that this is definitely worth a read.

As for AOL, below is the message I have sent to them.

You know, I just wish you corporate people could occasionally tell the truth. It is clearly evident that there is a problem upstream - nothing to do with this end. Yet you insist on doing the Janet and John fault checking as if the fault lies with the user.

Then I have to drag it out of you that there is an exchange fault. Your automatic message on Saturday said that it would be sorted in "a few hours", your help line and Saturday midday said it would be cleared up in 4 hours, and your automated message today is still saying "a few hours". Yet, at this end the service is deteriorating

If you have a problem, we do understand. Shit happens. What we want from you is an indication that you know of the problem, what it is, what you are doing about it and the best estimate of when it will be resolved. Instead, your corporate shit turns a problem into a crisis and giving your customers the run-around simply pisses them off.

All I want from you therefore, is a simple clear message: what are you doing about this problem and when will it be resolved.
Customer is king eh? B******s.


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