Saturday, July 29, 2006

Did we miss something?

European citizens being evacuated - by EU ships and helicopters?Tony "no choppers" Blair has agreed with Mr Bush that they wouldn't demand an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon. Also, during their meeting in Washington, our Tone agreed with Mr Bush not to denounce Israel's offensive, and they also agreed to back a new UN resolution sending a multinational force to Lebanon. Tone also agreed with Mr Bush that an international deal could halt the fighting as early as next week. What an agreeable fellah our Tone is.

Meanwhile, continuing to demonstrate that the true colossus on the world stage is the European Union, the Finnish presidency yesterday issued a statement declaring that it had completed evacuating most of its 20,000 citizens who wanted to leave Lebanon. Being the generous and magnanimous organisation it is, it has said that it will now help nationals of poorer, non-EU countries with mass evacuations.

The Union said it has also answered appeals from several governments of poorer countries to help evacuate up to 200,000 people, including citizens of Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, Ghana, Ethiopia, Sudan and Iraq.

Since only 15,000 Americans have been evacuated from Lebanon since fighting began 17 days ago, and Canada has evacuated some 11,500 nationals, there is now clear evidence that the EU is bigger and better than everybody else. The funny thing is, though, I do not recall seeing a single EU flag on any ship leaving Lebanon.

Did we miss something?


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