Sunday, July 09, 2006

Corporate lies

With a steadily deteriorating broadband connection, I am able to stay on-line for about two minutes before the connection terminates, with a warning flag coming up telling me that my cable is unplugged – which, of course, is not true. Anyhow, it is making posting very difficult.

Enquiries yesterday with AOL elicited that there was a fault on the exchange, which would be fixed within a "few hours". That was yesterday and now, if anything, the fault is worse. Following a further conversation with an AOL call centre in India, I am told that the problem will be fixed in "four hours". I suspect that AOL's "hours" are a bit like Cornish miles … much longer than any others.

I will post the usual crop of "insightful" comment as soon as the system is back up. Please bear with me.


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