Sunday, May 11, 2008

News of the World

The paper really, really does not like former UKIP MEP Tom Wise. A taste of the lurid prose (their capitals):

PORKY Euro MP Tom Wise raises a glass to another rewarding day in Brussels—one spent shamelessly DODGING work and SCAMMING a fortune in expenses.

As he leaned on the bar guzzling beer Wise bragged to a News of the World investigator how he milks the taxpayer for THOUSANDS every week in dodgy allowances and travel claims.
But then, he is not the only one in their sights. Certain Tory MEPs don't look too good either. Even little Roger Helmer, the paper suggests, "is another MEP filling his boots." We learn:

He has set himself up as a champion for openness and transparency in Brussels. But in an unguarded moment he bragged to our girl of his plans to exploit the crazy expenses system for thousands more — by tweaking the way his home address is listed.

The idea is to make his home in Ashby Magna, Leicestershire, appear at least 1,000 kilometres from Strasbourg — which under crazy Euro allowance rules will net him an extra £268 every time he flies there — £3,216 a year.

At present the distance is calculated from his postal town Lutterworth, which makes it 996km. Over a blowout meal of scallops and red wine Helmer said: "From Ashby Magna I make it 1,001km. If Brussels agrees with me I'll say, 'OK, backdate it!'"
Tom Wise is quoted, "in words that may haunt him": "There are two things that will destroy politicians. One is sex, the other is money."

Unsurprisingly, readers' comments are not too complimentary. And, whatever you might think of the style, the News of the World sells 3.5 million copies each Sunday.


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