Thursday, May 29, 2008

News from the outside world

Sometimes we like to look around and see what other people are doing (and sometimes we just like to look around). Two items of possible interest to some of our readers.

A new political and cultural magazine was launched in London yesterday with some pomp and circumstance in the Wallace Collection. It is called Standpoint and is edited by Daniel Johnson. Its aim is to fight on the side of Western civilization against its enemies as the old Encounter of blessed memory did in the three decades after the war.

Mind you, I find it less than impressing that some particularly unpleasant person, helped himself or herself to my copy while I was trying to find somebody to talk to somebody else on my phone. Grrrr.

The other item of interest is an e-mail from Dan Mitchell of Cato Institute in which there is a link to a new video he has made on the benefits of flat tax. Enjoy.

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