Saturday, February 16, 2008

We are on our own

On Wednesday last, we wrote this:

If politics is about people, delivering on those issues which most affect people, then probably the single most important issue at this time is inflation. Real people – i.e., those outside the Westminster bubble – see the value of the "pound in their pocket" eroding and find it more and more difficult to make ends meet.
We also remarked that the issues affecting inflation should be at the top of the political agenda. Yet, they are nowhere to be seen.

Today, therefore, in The Daily Telegraph, it is more than usually interesting to see Charles Moore tell us that, "standard of living is becoming a big issue again". Yet, he writes this:

As taxpayers we are more or less on our own, and politicians are too frightened to help us unless they feel they absolutely have to.
Moore addresses his criticisms to the politicians in terms of spending and taxation, and does not deal with the underlying issues causing the increases in costs, but the message is essentially the same: "where are the politicians?"

As far as the Tory party is concerned, the answer is here. The one word which sums up that piece is "nowhere". With Labour spiralling downwards into the darker realms of fantasy, it seems the politicians have given up.

We are indeed on our own.


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