Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The only growth industry in town

It does not start until 30 November 2009, continuing through to 11 December. Yet, according to reports, preparations are already under way.

We are, of course, referring to the United Nations' 15th Climate Conference in Copenhagen (COP15), where ministers from 180 countries are to attend, together with a huge number of international diplomats, NGO representatives, journalists, business people and other "interested persons".

Interestingly, as the economies of Europe go into not-so-gentle decline, the climate conference industry is big business and getting bigger. An ordinary climate conference attracts approximately 10,000 guests and, even though Denmark does not have a "beach factor" such as at the recently held conference in Bali, the number of "guests" is expected to be even higher.

It is anticipated that, if the political climate is ready for an agreement, the number of participants will be a good deal over 15,000 persons. If so, it will clearly surpass both the EU summit in 2002 and the Social Summit in 1995.

Representing of 50 percent growth on the Bali green-fest held last year, by the time the conference goes ahead, it will be the only growth industry left in Europe (apart from debt recovery and bankruptcy courts). And, if current weather trends continue, it will also be snowing.


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