Monday, February 18, 2008

A diet of unremitting negativity

click here to go to the blogWe have remarked on this blog before that it is common for people to declare that they never believe anything they read in the newspapers, but then go on to demonstrate that they most certainly do - especially where a story reinforces their own prejudices.

A graphic example of this is in the defence field, where we are seeing a torrent of stories, providing the public with a diet of unremitting negativity - stories which are eagerly embraced and replicated in blogs and forums throughout the land.

This has got to the state, however, where the determination of the media to paint as black a picture as possible has led to the publication of stories which have departed from reality - damaging the standing and the morale of our Armed forces.

One such, appearing in two Sunday newspapers, we have a close look at, showing that on defence and - by inference, other issues - the media can no longer be trusted to bring us accurate or impartial news.

Posted on Defence of the Realm.

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