Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drunk in charge of a blog

It is the tradition of this blog, since our very inception in 2004, to write up a post which goes on-line just after midnight for readers to pick up in the morning. We call this the "Horlicks", after the famous night-time drink.

We have maintained this tradition almost unbroken, even when I have been in jail, when my co-editor has been able to step into the breach.

Unfortunately, North junior is currently staying chez nous and a prolonged visit to a local Yorkshire hostelry, by the name of the Gaping Goose, has rendered me totally incapable of posting anything that resembles intelligent comment (some might say, what else is new?).

By way of compensation, have a look at this. Contrary to the views of my co-editor, I am sure that our forum members could make up for the manifest incapabilities of this blogger, and offer their own views.

Normal service in the morning, hangover permitting.