Monday, December 03, 2007

You mean he does not know?

Here is a really wonderful excuse for having Robert Mugabe, the one the EU was not going to allow anywhere on its territory ever, ever, ever, at the Lisbon EU-Africa Summit, which will inaugurate a new "strategic global dialogue" between the two entities, if, indeed, one can call Africa a single political entity.

This new strategic dialogue will, it seems, be achieved without any reference to reforms in trade policy either in the EU or in Africa, without reforms in the CAP or the CFP and, one assumes, with no lessening of aid that goes to keep bloodthirsty kleptocrats in power.

Anyway, the excuse reason was explained by Manuel Lobo Antunes, European Affairs minister for Portugal, who is displeased by the fact that Prime Minister Gordon Brown and, possibly, one or two other people form various Member States will boycott the Summit.

This is not right, sayd Señhor Lobo Antunes; this is not the way to approach dictators. One must confront them and tell them face to face what one thinks of them.

Right. So President Mugabe does not know what the rest of the world except for his mates in other African countries thinks of him? I am sorry Señhor Lobo Antunes will have to try better.

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