Monday, December 24, 2007

One size fits all

A heart-warming tale is to be found in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus (no link) about how EU rules have killed off a winter bus link from Otley and Ikley to the Yorkshire Dales.

At a time when the National Park Authority is pleading for motorists to leave their cars at home because of the environmental damage, and to take public transport, the local bus company, Arriva, says it can no longer afford to run a popular bus service to the park.

The problem is that, under new EU rules, any buses operating routes of over 30 miles must be fitted with tachographs, and the drivers must follow a new set of driving hours rules. This is the only route operated by Arriva which exceeds 30 miles but, in order to operate it, all its fleet must be fitted with tachographs. It is, says the company, impractical just to reserve one bus for that service.

The Yorkshire Dales Transport Users Group is up in arms about the decision, calling on people to get in touch with their MPs "to let them know the damage these new EU rules are doing to rural bus services". We wish them luck.


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