Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A museum of British history

In a wonderful example of blinkered thinking, The Daily Telegraph today, the second day of its campaign designed to boost Britishness, is calling for a museum of British history.

Well, we have the perfect candidate – a largely redundant building on the banks of the Thames – an ideal position, well served by public transport and already equipped with facilities to handle large numbers of visitors.

The Telegraph wants everyone to have "a clear idea of what has happened in our nation's history, how we got from the past to today." This, it says, "is not romantic nostalgia but a practical recognition of how our society and our country works today or, in some cases, does not work."

One way the newspaper itself could help is by stripping off its rose-tinted spectacles and recognising that we are no longer an independent country, but a province of the European Union, with our supreme government in Brussels. That would go a long way towards telling everyone how "our country works today" (not).


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