Friday, December 21, 2007

Michael Yon on the soldiers back from Basra

Well, if nothing else, Michael Yon's stint with 4 Rifles has made the man into a devoted monarchist and a slave to the Duchess of Cornwall. I have no problems with either of that.

Nor do I have any problems with his barely concealed contempt for the British media who managed to ignore what was going on in Basra until the soldiers started coming back when all those articles that implied cowardice and lack of ability appeared.

On the other hand, call me prejudiced, but I do not think Yon has quite understood what has been going on in Basra apart from the undoubted courage of our serving men and women. On that score this blog (yes, OK, I am prejudiced) has done much better. In particular, it is worth reading Yon's despatch together with my colleague's latest posting.

Then again, if only the British media had started showing interest back in 2005 when the first political problems appeared; if only it had paid attention to the many problems this blog outlined subsequently, we might not have found ourselves in the situation we are in. This is no reflection on the courage or ability of the soldiers on the ground.

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