Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The perils of blogging

Tapestry writes on his blog, just as we are settling down to write the last post of the day – or the first of the new day – that, "The flurry of excitement from bloggers writing about the events of the last few months is starting to dry up. There is a dullness descending on events."

That is certainly the case with the European Union which, as it spreads its tentacles more deeply into our affairs, seems also to have the ability to spread nothing else but tedium, blanketing the body politic like an algal bloom.

But today (yesterday now) was quite frenetic, with work both pre-empting, reading and then analysing something of more interest to the readers of our sister blog, the report on the Board of Inquiry on the Nimrod crash last year.

With other commitments and interruptions, that meant very little blogging yesterday, highlighting the essential conflict behind any blog: whether to go for superficial "quickies" or devote the time to careful research and analysis, in an attempt to provide added value. This is the age-old battle of quantity versus quality.

Yesterday, at least, quantity lost out, but I am not so sure about the quality. The issues involved in the Nimrod crash are fiendishly complex, contentious, and highly political – and of only marginal interest to most people, who would prefer their opinions and information pre-digested for them by the media.

Thus, we've laboured long and produced very little, which is HERE for those of you who can be troubled to step over our other blog.

For the rest of you, we'll try to do better tomorrow. We can't guarantee it, but we'll try. If nothing else, we can muddy the waters a little bit.

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