Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The achievements of the European Union

In the natural trough over Christmas, the European Union has been quick off the mark on the propaganda front, churning out what amounts to a "State of the Union" address for any media outlet that cares to take up the offer - a multimedia yearbook "presenting ten of the European Union's achievements of 2007".

I am at present working through this document, producing a list of alternative "achievements", but it struck me that this is far too good an opportunity to miss. We should be preparing our own glossy pamphlet for wider distributions, to counter this naked propaganda.

More immediately though, input from our readers would make this a much better document so, if you are bored with Christmas, now is your chance. I have opened a thread on the forum for you to post your favourite EU achievement (not) of the year – or send me an e-mail if you do not want to go on the forum. We'll factor in the best offerings into the piece being written, and then we'll think about how to publish it in hard copy.


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