Friday, November 04, 2005

A personal note

Blogging over the last weeks has been a little trying. Mrs EU Referendum, after the best part of 15 years of (my) neglect, decided it really was time for some redecoration, which she decided should be combined with fitting central heating (in the wrong order, of course).

Writing and posting over the last couple of weeks, therefore, has been to the accompaniment of power saws, drills, clattering, banging and – it seems – the inevitable Radio 1, without which workmen are incapable of work.

The purpose of the note, however, is to refer to a thread currently on the forum complaining of a lack of "ideas" from this blog, and other posts complaining of "negativity".

This, if we may say so, it to miss the point. The objective of this blog is to bring to a wider audience two central ideas – one, that the rule of the transnational élites is undemocratic and destructive and, two, that the current political system seems incapable of dealing with the encroachment of these élites.

It seems to us that until a broader constituency recognise this, and share our sense of outrage at the depredations of the élites and the inadequacies of our politicians, very little is going to change. Hence, we will work towards making this blog entertaining reading, informative and wholly negative, in order to promote these ideas.

Comments, as always, will be treated with the usual disdain, especially when, I am (we are) in "snarl mode".

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to see a man about some floorboards.


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