Friday, March 23, 2007

Pervasive it is…

We are going to see a flood of this, over the next few days – retrospectives of the last 50 years, to "celebrate" the fiftieth anniversary of Treaty of Rome.

Latest off the stocks is the IHT with a piece produced by our old friends, Associated Press. It is headed: "Key EU accomplishments over the past 50 years," and, in pride of place, what do we see but this:

SECURING FOOD SUPPLIES (TO EXCESS): The war was barely over for a dozen years when the forebear of the EU was created. Hunger was not a distant memory. With chilling efficiency, the Brussels bureaucracy created a farm system so effective that containing excess surpluses of wheat, butter and wine lakes became one of the bloc's biggest challenge within a few decades. It remains so to this day…
What utter, utter garbage this is, and what a sad reflection it is on the pervasive power of the myth that so many people buy into it. The proper place for EU propaganda is here.


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