Friday, December 23, 2005

What's yours is mine…

So, Mr Oliver Leftwing wants the Tories to support the redistribution of wealth.

Well, as a part-time MP and the Boy-King's policy chief – who incidentally claimed £121,734 from the taxpayer in expenses last financial year – one hopes that he will put his money where his mouth is, and redistribute some of the wealth he accrues from his day job as non-executive director for N.M. Rothschild Corporate Finance Ltd.

Whether he does or not, a week after Tony Blair has excelled in the redistribution stakes, giving an extra £7 billion to the EU to help it out with is annual £7.6 billion administration expenses , not a few Conservatives – including a number of MPs – are now wondering whether they are now in the wrong party.

Many of them are rather sick of the NuLab habit of taking their money to give to someone else and were looking to the Tories for relief from the kleptomaniac habits of the current government, only to find that both are now singing from the same hymn-sheet.

I wonder if Mr Leftwing realises how many votes he has just cost his Party, and what a tremendous membership boost he has given to UKIP and other minority parties?


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