Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year from her

Another hour left of 2005 and, again, I am going to get in there before my colleague with the seasonal wishes. This was the first complete year of the blog and we are quietly pleased with the way it has gone, with the number and diversity of readers we have acquired and with the forum that has developed in its own rather idiosyncratic way.

I have already listed my resolutions in the Christmas message. I am still sticking to them and that may last for several hours or days. Of course, not being able to attack our readers means that I probably shall not have much of a presence on the forum, but, hey, that’s the way it crumbles cookie-wise.

As it happens, blogging on my part will be a little light in the first two weeks of the year, as I am off to New York tomorrow (if I can get to Heathrow) and shall have to rely on a complicated arrangement to have my “letters from America” posted on the blog. But I shall keep an eye on it and on the forum.

There is a possibility that I shall get down to Washington DC as well and be able to talk to some people there, persuading them of the basic wrongness of the European project. If that comes off, I shall keep our readers informed.

On a more personal matter (it is rare for me): some of you will remember that I have had a somewhat difficult year with much medical treatment and endless rows with the NHS. Yesterday I completed my treatment and will now keep my fingers crossed for the check-ups that are looming early in the year. This is a good time for me to thank everyone again for their support and good wishes. It meant a great deal to me and to those close to me.

And now, enough sentimentality. A happy and prosperous 2006 to all our readers. May the Force be with us this year.


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