Friday, July 20, 2007

That's it?

It seems that Russia is not going to invade us after all. Phew, what a relief. Though I must admit, living as I do in West London, I do wonder whether that invasion has not happened already without anybody noticing.

The awaited response to the British action earlier this week has been announced. It is a mirror action: four diplomats to be expelled, visas for officials suspended (and no visas to be requested for Russian officials, which is all to the good) and no co-operation over the war in terror. There is no explanation as to what the last of those might mean in practical terms.

Well, this could escalate. But then again, maybe not. We are after all approaching that time of the year when all those who live in Moscow try to get out of the city to their dachas for at least a few days every week and preferably for the whole month.

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