Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wooops ...

Libertas, having launched its UK campaign a few days ago, has run into a spot of bother. As my co-editor mentioned, "three UKIPers" had beaten the party to the draw and registered the name with the Electoral Commission. Actually, the three are Bridget Rowe, Damian Wilson and Mick Greenhough, the former an ex-tabloid editor, reported to be friendly with Nigel Farage. They did this in December, taking, as they say, the "as" out of Libertas.

Hilariously, the desperate (but not that desperate) Ganley crew has offered them £2,000 for the complete thing. The three have so far declined, saying they are not interested in the money. Should Ganley add a few noughts, or should he be looking for a different name?