Sunday, March 08, 2009

No surrender!

I thought about fisking Gisela Stuart's piece in The Sunday Telegraph but, in the end, I decided I could not be bothered.

Writing under the headline, "The EU will have to surrender to survive," she tells us that the EU is in danger of being crushed by the current economic and democratic crises unless Brussels starts to give power back to the member states. This defies a simple rule, confirmed again and again in history. Power is never given … it is always taken.

Gisela Stuart is, of course, an MP. As such, she with her colleagues is in a position to do just that – just as she and her colleagues continue to allow their powers (which they exercise on our behalf) to be eroded. It would have been much more impressive, therefore, if she had written: "We must take back power from Brussels".

If expecting Brussels to return its powers is the best Gisela can do, then no wonder we are in trouble.