Thursday, March 12, 2009

It didn't happen m'lud

Lord Ahmed, last seen being handed down a remarkably lenient sentence for dangerous driving, to wit sending and receiving numerous long texts on the motorway, which may or may not have caused a man's death, will not have to serve it.

After the terrible imposition of 16 days in Doncaster gaol, Lord Ahmed will be released as his sentence has been suspended on appeal.
The sentencing judge, Mr Justice Wilkie, made it clear his text messaging had finished two minutes before the accident took place and was not connected to the collision.

Lord Ahmed has served 16 days in prison and was due to be released on March 20. Allowing the sentence appeal, Lady Justice Hallett said the imposition of a prison sentence in his case had been justified.

However, she added the court had been persuaded that it could now take an "exceptional" course and suspend the 12 week term for 12 months.
Well, I am not sure what justifies that "exceptional" course but who am I to argue about justice with the political establishment?