Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funny that!

With commendable speed, Little Green Footballs is on the case, pointing out that at least one of the missile photographs released by the Iranians has been photoshopped – with liberal use of the "clone" tool.

Funny enough, that is precisely the photograph that The Daily Telegraph - one of the many newspapers which walked into Qanagate, eyes wide shut - has used in its print edition, to illustrate its story. However, the text by Caroline Wheeler is very guarded: "Nine missiles were reported fired …" and, "The launch included a reportedly improved Shahab-3 missile …".

I am minded of the epic 60's TV series, the "Telegoons". There was one famous episode when Neddy wanted to rob a bank but did not have a gun. In a hilarious sequence, he took along a colour photograph of a gun … and the bank gave him a colour photograph of some money!

One suspects that the Israelis might have something more in mind than colour photographs of some F-15s, and will not be photoshopping them to multiply their effect. And nor will they be content with colour photographs of bomb craters.


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