Saturday, April 19, 2008

North is back - the last open thread

All our readers will be delighted to know that my wandering colleague has reappeared on these shores. He sounds reasonably coherent and will, undoubtedly, blog later. So, this is my last open thread on the forum. After this I shall disappear back into les coulisses continuing with the blogging but not taking part in the forum.

Some of the readers who joined in the last week might have been surprised at the slightly abrasive tone in which the forum was run. Well, worry no longer. The good cop is back.

In the meantime, here is the last open thread. One of the themes we have pursued on our blog and, I note, it has been picked up by the Society for Individual Freedom, is that coming out of the European Union is not enought. In fact, that would not even be the end of the beginning, merely the beginning.

As it happens, I do not think we shall actually leave the European Union. It will gently but inexorably collapse around us, as our political class, not only voted in by us but supported by us in the shape of BBC licence, newspaper buying etc, continues to discuss futilely possibilities of reform.

What happens after that? Here is the theme for this open thread. Is there any point in being outside the EU if the country is run by the same people in the same way as before?

For the last time, forum, let's roll.


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