Monday, April 14, 2008

Dirty work at the crossroads

This morning, like a number of people, I received an e-mail from my good friend Antony Coughlan, one of the leading lights of the Irish eurosceptic movement. It consisted of the text of an article in the Irish Daily Mail, whose journalists have found something quite interesting:
The Government has hatched an elaborate plan to deceive voters over the forthcoming EU treaty referendum, the Irish Daily Mail can today reveal. A leaked email shows that ministers are planning a deliberate campaign of misinformation to ensure that the Lisbon Treaty vote is passed when it is put to the public as required by the Constitution.

Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern has even been personally assured that the European Commission will "tone down or delay"’ any announcements from Brussels "that might be unhelpful".
Oh dear. I am not going to make that comment again about being shocked, shocked, shocked. Still it is good to know that these people run true to form. Can't say I am proud of our government's behaviour but then one rarely is proud of one's government.

Here is a link to the whole article and a discussion of it. Enjoy, if that is the right word.

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