Thursday, May 24, 2007

The politician's victory

There is a good post on Red State, expanding on and linked to our piece here, on the situation in Afghanistan. It very much got the point, concluding that, in war, we should "by all means listen to the generals but in the end politicians must have the final say."

What is interesting for us is that Red State followed up our piece which, on this site, got relatively little attention. That is not a complaint but merely an observation. It is always fascinating to see some of our posts, which we might think as "throwaway" fillers, get considerable attention while others - heavily researched, with much original material – get what appears to be short shrift.

The piece to which Red State has linked was one of the latter, very heavily researched, based on the accounts of some first-hand sources whom we dare not reveal, and laboriously pieced together.

However, if an honest account of last year's Afghan campaign is ever written, it will be recorded that this was an occasion – by no means the first – when our own generals nearly lost the war. But, when or if that history is ever written, we hope you will remember that you read it here first.


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