Saturday, May 12, 2007

Polish court strikes down new law

Much to the annoyance of the Polish President and Prime Minister (the brothers Kaczynski) the Polish Constitutional Court has ruled that the proposed new legislation that would have demanded assurances from thousands of Poles that they had not worked for the Communist secret police in any shape or form with the threat of ten years of unemployment for untruth, is not compatible with the country's constitution.

This has been greeted with some relief by many Poles, including Jan Rokita, an opposition politician the centre right Civic Platform, but not by the Kaczynskis. It seems that they have tried to exert some pressure on the court, accusing its members of being post-Communist left-overs.

In response to the ruling the President, Lech, muttered darkly that it was not over yet. We are waiting for the fat lady to sing.


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