Monday, May 21, 2007

Bulgarians are truly disappointed

In a previous posting my colleague quoted the Mayor of Sofia, Boyko Borisov, as saying that the Bulgarians were truly disappointed with the political classes, not least the European ones for not controlling the corrupt mess that Bulgarian politics is.

Well, they have shown their disappointment. For their first ever election to the Toy Parliament, a stupendous 28.6 per cent of the electorate turned out to vote. This is the lowest since 1990. Of course, it is possible that the Bulgarians have already sussed out that voting for the Toy Parliament is even more of a mug's game than voting in domestic elections.

On preliminary figures, Borisov's own opposition party, the centre-right GERB (Citizens for Bulgaria's European Development) is marginally in the lead with 21.69 per cent of votes cast, followed by the ruling Socialist Party that has 21.41 per cent.

The Nationalist "Attack" Party won 14.22 per cent and ex-King Simeon's Liberals 6.26 per cent. The final announcement and division of spoils (18 seats in the Toy Parliament) will follow shortly.


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