Friday, November 10, 2006

What a buffoon

Many of our British readers would have seen the story in the Daily Telegraph and, possibly, other newspapers about the Channel 4 newsreader (there’s glory for you, as Humpty Dumpty said) Jon Snow.

It seems that Mr Snow has decided not to wear a poppy when reading the news though he has assured us that he wears it in private life. Which must mean that he takes it off specially to read the news. Or he is telling a few porkies.

He is always being sent ribbons and symbols by very worthy organizations who ask him to wear them and help raise their profile and he refuses to do so. Apparently, he does not see the difference between that and a symbol that we all share and through which we honour the dead of the many conflicts and those who survived. And, of course, let’s face it, the Royal Legion is a charity that helps thousands of former soldiers and their families.

Then again, Jon Snow is there with us:
I respect our Armed Forces, the sacrifice and the loss, and like others I remember them on Remembrance Sunday. That's the way it is.
That must thrill them no end.

Why am I writing about this complete non-story? Who, actually, cares what Jon Snow says or thinks?

Only because I was rather taken by one particular phrase he used:
Additionally there is a rather unpleasant breed of poppy fascism out there
I am not sure fascism is quite the most appropriate word to use in connection with the wearing of the poppy but then this is a Channel 4 newsreader we are talking about.


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